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Jun, 2017

Letter From Kevin Dorsey

Ten years ago, on Memorial Day weekend of 2008, I began my association with the Panther Soccer Club.  That happened when I brought my girls team from Bolingbrook out to play in the tournament.  That weekend I met Crystal Robinson and Laura Bresingham, the tournament directors that year.  I told Crystal that the tournament had the “sweetest smelling porta potties in four counties”!  (And we still do!)

Two years later, I brought my oldest daughter, Megan, and two of her friends to PSC tryouts.  We had played the PSC team (the Angels) that morning and lost a very well played game, 2-3.  When we got to tryouts that evening, Safia from the Angels, told my daughter that she was mad at her because Megan did not allow her shots into the goal.  After we accepted the offer to join PSC, the Angels still had one more game to play.  We went to watch that game and Megan, Kathy and I were welcomed to the team family by all the other families!

I will miss spending my Memorial Day weekends with the likes of Jim Zimblemann, Mike Mockenhaupt, Rob Kraft, John Scott, Paul Soderlind and Arun Matthew.  My Memorial Days will be so much less exciting without you. 

I thank Ron Colaizzi for bringing my daughter to his team and to Crystal Robinson for getting me started with the Panthers.

I thank the club presidents that I worked with over the years:  Ron Colaizzi, Jim Zimblemann, Bill Cassian, Randy Lagman and Joe Marlovits and all the board of directors members that I worked with too. 

I thank coaches Brian, Michael, Tim, Ryan, Abel, Scott, Martin, Dylan and Jonny for coaching all three of my kids over the last eight years.  I wish them all great success with the new soccer venture.

Thank you to Katie & Jeff S. and Sophia K.: You re-reminded me of how lucky I am and how important it is to give of yourself to others.  

As the Girls League Representative, I have been responsible for well over three hundred girls who have been members of Panther Soccer  Club.  I have watched them grow from kindergarten players running around like a swarm of bees, to talented young ladies and college graduates who can and will take on any challenge they are given!  Some continue to play in college and some are playing just for fun.  Some are working on their masters degrees and some are already in the workforce.  

To these young ladies and especially to the five Panthers that I coached when they were very young, Megan, Hannah, Mikela, Sydney and Conchita, I say: Be proud of yourselves because I am extraordinarily proud of you!  And remember, whatever your goal is, YOU CAN DO IT!  I BELIEVE IN YOU!  I wish you all continued success in everything that you do. 

To the Oswego community, thank you for being part of our lives and thank you for letting us be part of yours.

We will miss the community and family that we have been part of for the last 10 years.  We hope that spirit continues for you wherever you go!


We will miss our Panther family!


Kevin Dorsey

Girls League Representative

Panther Soccer Club

(And Kathy, Megan, Liam and Erin)

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